vol.4-Caring as if Lotus Hearts in – About the Viewpoints of Tzu Chi Nurses Towards Palliative Care

▍Dharma Master’s Blessings

Collaboration of Hearts; Inheritance of Missions

▍The President’s Remarks

Fulfillment /Pi-Yu Lin

▍Mission Statement

Integration of Love and Humanities /Chin-Lon Lin


Do Your Best Without Regrets /Ming-Hwang Shyr

▍From the Editor

The Last, Final Stop /Hui-Ling Lai

▍White Coat vs. White Uniform

Heart to Heart in Lotus /Dr. Ying-Wei Wang

Salute to All Nurses /Dr. Chung-Chao Liang

Well-being /Dr. Yue-Yuan Lee

Excellent Angels in Surgical ICU /Dr. Wen-Lin Fan

Novel Influenza, New Influence in Heart /Dr. Yu-Huai Ho

▍Cover Story

Caring as if Lotus Hearts in – About the Viewpoints of Tzu Chi Nurses Towards Palliative Care

Who Qualifies for Hospice Palliative Care? /Professor Co-Shi Chantal Chao

Listening to the Sounds in Normal Beings - a Buddhist Priest in Heart Lotus Care Ward /Zun-Kn Shi

▍Character Profile

Cure Wounds & Relieve Worries — A Profile of Chin-Min Wang, Wound and Ostomy Care Nurse, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital /The Public Relations Office of the Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

▍Special Report

Know Your Neighbors — Community-based Nursing Educating the Community for a Healthy Lifestyle /Chien-Hsiang Cheng

Filial Virtue — Around the Neighborhood /Hui-Yun Fu

Pass Love Forward /Pei-Heng Chiang

100% Luck Index /Fu-Ming Chiang

▍Turning Point

Nursing by Heart After Personal Sickness /Edited by Hui-Yen Liao,

.Learn from Poor Services / Yin-Chen Hsu

.The Moment with Death /Li-Tzu Liu

.Early Came Gift /Yu-Wen Chen

.From Heart to Heart /Chuen-Hui Lin

Scar and Imprint — Curing Oneself of Violence Injury /Edited by Hsiu-Chen Yeh

.Thunder Bolt No.1 - Ward Violence Experience /Chia-Chun Wu

▍Nursing Environmental Protection

Heartily Nursing Creative & Environmental Protection Tailor-made “Bib on Wheelchair” /Li-Yen Tseng

Wheelchair Paddle Socks /Ying-Mei Liu, Shiao-Ming Yu

Colorful Ice Bags /Hui-Zhen Lee

▍Angel Diary

One Precious Trip to Gratitude /Ya-Ping Kuo

Experience Frugality — the Medical Relief in Fu Ding, Mainland China /Yu-Fang Hung

Love Delivered to Taimali, Taitung /Jing-Ling Chiang

Love and Charity Cycle /Lee-Chun Li

▍Volunteers Companion

See the Happiness of the Rainbow Country /Hui-Chun Chung

▍Murse’s Diary

Dear All, Thank You /Yen-Fan Lee

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