vol.6-An Optimal Workplace-Building a Positive Practice Environment

▍Dharma Master’s Blessings

To Achieve a Life of Completion / Shih Cheng Yen


The Spirit of Nightingale and Tzu Chi / Dr. Pen-Jung Wang

▍From the Editor

Elevating Nursing Image / Hui-Ling Lai

▍White Coat vs. White Uniform

To Render a Salute to Nurses / Dr. You-Chen Chao

Keep Nurses in Nursing – A Discussion on Nursing Policies and Suggestions / Dr. Chih-Hung Wang

The Great Love Behind Nursing / Dr. Chun-Hung Lin

Patients’ Closest Friends / Dr. Yi-Ying Huang

▍Cover Story

An Optimal Workplace-Building a Positive Practice Environment / Shu-Chen Wang

Honor and Care – Staffing Policies and Humanistic Care for Nurses in Hualien / Shu-Chuan Chang

▍Moment of Honor

The Cap and the Pledge -The Beginning of a New Milestone in Nursing

▍Character Profile

A Career for Life - Mei-Lin Hsieh, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Tzu Chi University / Li-Lan Li & Chiu-Hui Huang

▍Turning Point

Befriend My Illness / Edited by Pei-Jung Yu

Passion for Nursing / Chun-Hsiu Huang

The Power of Positive Thought / Yi-Chun Chen

▍Angel’s Diary

A Moment with Silent Mentors / Ssu-Yi Ku

▍Volunteers Companion

Nurses' Best Companions / Yu-Ru Li

▍Murse’s Diary

The Glowing Halo / Shang-Fang Sun


Exploring Hualien – A Nursing Student’s Internship Experience / Katherine Yu, Student at McGill School of Nursing, Canada

▍Between Sick & Care

Magic Finger Grandma / Yung-Wei Chiang

Delivering Love and Care / Kai-Ni Liu

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