vol.7-Experience the Reality –Workplace Healthcare-Human-Centered Nursing Education and Practice

▍Dharma Master’s Blessings

Broadening the Perspective on Life / Shih Cheng Yen


Nursing with Humanity / Chin-Lon Lin

▍From the Editor

Dharma Water Purifies Nursing Education / Hui-Ling Lai

▍White Coat vs. White Uniform

Keep the Original Ideal in the Heart / Dr. Chien-Hsin Wang

Cure and Care / Dr. Ching-Chih Lee

Road to Self-actualization / Dr. Yin-Ming Li

▍Cover Story

Workplace Healthcare-Human-Centered Nursing Education and Practice / Shou-Jen Peng

To Accept the Elderly and Learn from Them - Senior Citizen Care Station / Chuan-Hsiu Tsai

▍Special Report

Commitment – Exploring Why Nursing Staff Would Care for Patients Off Work

Renewing Strength from Patients’ Life Stories / Yi-Ching Lin

Pay Your Patient a Home Visit / Chih-Li Liao

▍Special Report: Affinity with Xiamen

Tzu Chi Culture – An Ablution for the Soul / Mei-Ling Zeng, Xiao-Ting Chen, Wen-Jing Zhang

Building a Bridge with Love / Jin-Hui Zhang

The Essence of Dharma at the Spiritual Home / Wei-Yun Peng

Carrying on the Dharma Joy of Tzu Chi / Xiao-Ting Chen

▍Character Profile

Ten Years of Hospice Care - Yu-Yun Ho / Hui-Yen Liao

▍Turning Point

Walk in My Shoes - The Role of a Nurse to That of a Family Member / Edited by Hui-Chen Yang

Understand the Feelings of Patients' Families / Sai-Shi Wu

A Patient's Advocate / Pai-Hsuan Huang

▍Teacher's Diary

Volunteering Days in Lanyu – Transcultural Learning for Nursing Students / Hsiu-Fang Lu

▍Angel’s Diary

The Joy of Helping Others / Ray-Chin Chiu

▍Between Sick & Care

Another Grape Harvest / Hui-Ping Wu

▍Volunteers Companion

Guide Me Through / Li-Hwa Hsieh

▍Murse’s Diary

From Novice to Expert / Chien-Hao Chen

A Pioneer Male Nurse in Taiwan / Hsin-Lung Lin

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