vol.8 The Subtle Happiness at Work - A Survey of Nurses' Favorite Incentive Programs

▍Dharma Master’s Blessings

Hold on to Your Vow / Shih Cheng Yen


Love and Humanity Treasures Fresh Nurses / You-Chen Chao

▍From the Editor

Inspire Magnetism / Hui-Ling Lai

▍White Coat vs. White Uniform

Nursing Profession Works Everywhere / Dr. Rong-Yuan Hsu

▍Cover Story

The Subtle Happiness at Work - A Survey of Nurses' Favorite Incentive Programs / Yen-Fan Lee

Be Patient-Focused by Drawing from Concept Map to Utilization / Ya-Chun Cheng

Creative Caring Touches People / Wan-Hsiang Wang

Inspire Self-actualization – To Strengthen Nurse Training Programs by Using Humanoid Maps / Shu-Chuan Chang, Shu-Chen Wang


Capping Ceremony, the First Step to Clinical Nursing / Hisu-Pin Yeh, Chia-Yi Li

▍Special Report:

Saving Life in a Blink - About First Aid Ability and Experiences of Nursing Professionals / Yu-Ru Li, Yi-Ting Wang

▍Character Profile

Children-Caring Paiwan Tribe Beauty - A Profile of Ya-Chun Cheng, Head Nurse of Pediatric Ward, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital / Jin-Yan Lu

The Blissful Head Nurse - Shu-Chin Chen, Head Nurse of Urology Ward, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital / Hsin-Tong Yang

▍Angel’s Diary

A Thank-You Letter from Swedish Nurses / Johanna, Lisa and Emma

▍Turning Point

A Challenge of Nursing Practice with Info-tech – How to Get Along with the Mobile e-Nursing Cart / Edited by Shiu-Chen Yeh

To Shoulder on Challenge for Change / Hui-Lan Chen

From Reluctance to Enjoy the Smart Mobile Cart / Ya-Wen Si

Been Through Throes to Approve the e-nursing Cart / Yi-Ju Chen

▍Between Sick & Care

A Shoemaker’s Love for His Wife / Yu-Ping Ho

▍Murse’s Diary

Embrace the Joy of Tears and Sweats / Jen-Che Kuo

What Are You Worried About? / Yen-Fan Lee

▍Volunteers Companion

Volunteers as Persistent Supporters / Mei-Hwa Hsu

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